Vesak Day 2015 : The Victory Day of Lord Buddha

The Birth of the Lord Buddha brings greatest wealth of merits to all living beings. The presence of the Perfect Man is an extremely rare occurrence. The Bodhisatta was the King Santusita who ruled over the Tusita Realm. When the time was ripen.
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The light of wisdom that flashed and radiated under the historic Bodhi Tree more than 2500 years ago, is of great significance to human destiny, On the day of His Enlightenment, the Bodhisatta warded off the Mara with the Ten Perfections that were cultivated..
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Upon His Enlightenment, the Lord Buddha swiftly diligently propagated His teachings. He strived to ensure Buddhism be is firmly ingrained and rooted on this earth for longest possible. the Perfected One foretold the actual date entering nivarna.
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Vesak Day 2015 : Events
  • Puja to Dhammakaya

    the Body of Wisdome. Pay homage to the Buddha Statue with 32 Great Man Signs.

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    Dhammakayo Aham Itipi

    Dhammakaya is the oldest word, a word that means the whole. It is known by famous Buddhist scholars as the state of Enlightenment, the Body of Enlightenment,

    the Body of Dhamma or the Truth Body.Also known as the immortal body enriched by the Ultimate Truth of The Lord Buddha. It is the body of non-defile. It is invisible by naked eyes but attainable and undeniable.

    The word Dhammakaya is recorded in the oldest suttas, it was also coined as “The Body of Wisdom” in some suttas.

    Nibbana is the place only for the immortal body of Lord Buddhas and Arahants. As known by scholars, Dhammakaya is the body in condition of being Lord Buddha.
    It is the body that changed Prince Sidhatta to The Lord Buddha. All are in two conditions, firstly, to achieve the physical body of Maha-Purisa
  • Bathing the Buddha Image

    Bathing Buddha commemorates the birth of Prince Siddhatta, the origin of purity and peace.

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    Bathing the Buddha image is a practice of the Buddhists to commemorate the birth of the Lord Buddha. It represents the moment of birth of the Bodhisatta.
    When the Bodhisatta was born as the Prince Siddhattha, there were 2 streams of warm and cold water showered Princes Maha Maya and the Prince.
    When we carry out this activity, we should recall that the Bodhisatta had spent uncountable lifetimes to accrue perfection of 10 paramittas, hence, we should remind
    ourselves not to be reckless. Make a resolution, that we would attain Buddha-hood soonest possible.


    Buddha Bathing on Vesak Day at Field Next to Compasspoint Shopping Mall

  • Listen to Buddha mantra

    Listen to the chanting Buddha mantra and receive Blessing from the Sangha

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    listen to Buddha Mantra

    Be one of the blessed to listen to the chanting of Buddha Mantra and receive
    Blessed Water on this special occasion from the Sangha .  


    Offering of Lotus

    Offer lotus flowers to the Lord Buddha with
    a purified mind, brings about abundance of wealth, good physical body,mental purity and enables one to attain Dhammakaya.


    Puja Buddha Relics

    Seeing His Relics is as good as paying Homage to the Buddha Personally, to remind them that the Buddha was a real person, and to also promote good virtue.

  • History of Lord Buddha

    Appreciate the Path to Perfections of the Lord Buddha, Honour the Enlightened One...

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    A True Insight to Buddha’s Life

    Lord Buddha is a truly miraculous person that His birth, self-Enlightenment, and attainment of complete Nibbana occurred on the same day.
    This exhibition captures the essence and true depiction of Lord Buddha’s life at full spectrum, offering visitors a glimpse into the times of Lord Buddha – His Birth, Enlightenment and Nibbana.


    “I am the supreme being. I am the most advanced being in the world. I am the most sublime being in the world. This is my final birth.”

  • Offering Four Requisites

    Offering requisites is a cherished practice observed by the pious Buddhists...

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    Offering requisites

    Offering Food – The donor will be blessed with longevity, physical beauty, happiness, strength and wisdom.

    Offering Robe – The donor will be blessed with glow, aura, super natural power, fine skin, with delicate touch. Once in heaven, the body will always be miraculously adorned with celestial attire made of the finest fabric. When being born at the time Lord Buddha comes into existence, and having a chance to be ordained by the Lord Buddha himself , the body will be miraculously adorned with the finest holy robe.
    Offering Medicine – The donor will be blessed with longevity, health, physical strength, power, high social status, love, intellect, happiness, freedom from danger and unpleasant incidents, abundance of wealth .
    Offering Monetary Donation – The donor will be blessed with wealth and every wish be granted. Will know no poverty and most importantly will use the wealth to support Buddhism forever.

  • Light of Peace Ceremony

    Offer Light of peace with your family members,make resolutions for happiness.

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  • KCS Vesak Day 2013 Video

    KCS is organising its 15th Vesak celebrations at Field Next to Compasspoint Shopping Mall

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    Vesak Day 2014 at Field Next to Compasspoint Shopping Mall

    Every year, Buddhists throughout the world gather wholeheartedly to perform various meritorious activities to recollect the purity, wisdom and compassion of the Buddha.